Tyre Specifications

Tyre Specifications

The twelve digit numbers on the side wall of a modern tyre are the manufacturer’s code. The last four numbers are the one of interest to the buyer, they indicate the week and year of manufacture. A tyre with the last four digits of 1606 indicates the tyre was made during the 16th week of 2006.

Tyres which are approaching five years or older, are nearing their use by date.

Spares mounted externally, if uncovered, have a shorter life than those carried in the car’s boot.

How tyre type specifications work

The lettering on a modern tyre 235/45/17R94Y means the tyre is:

  • 235 = The maximum width
  • 45 = The percentage of the width of the tyre
  • R = Radial
  • 17 = the rim diameter
  • 94 = the load index, the weight that the tyre can safely support
  • Y = the speed rating
  • H = is the most common rating with speeds up to 210 km per/h

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